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Re: [Xen-devel] VT-d flush timeout

> >>
> >
> > Giving this path of long time wait-loop only happens at the case when
> > the hardware fails, I don't care if it enters panic in 1 seconds or in
> > 10ms seconds. But the software compatibility (for all existing
> > platforms and potential future platforms) is much more important.
> I agree for the paths leading to a panic(). But there's one such case where it
> doesn't: snb_vtd_ops_preamble().

For some reason, it is using a same MAGIC TIMEOUT value with VTd flush timeout.
They are actually different and this one is used to prevent the IGD to enter 
RC6 state :)

Whether the IGD enters RC6 state in 1second is another story, it doesn't 
indicate the 
hardware is bad, like the VTD flush timeout indicates. So it is not necessary 
to enter panic.

Maybe we should cook a patch to use different TIMEOUT MACRO, though they are 
1second in both cases.

Thx Eddie

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