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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v19 00/12] Remus/Libxl: Remus network buffering and drbd disk

I have done testing and make some fix on top of you branch. See
below link for clear image of what I have fixed:

And thank you for the detailed manual on rearrange patches.
I have rearranged the patches using autosquash and finished
testing on the final remus-v21 patches which I have posted
on list already.

Thank you very much for the work!


å 09/26/2014 01:14 AM, Ian Jackson åé:
Hongyang Yang writes ("Re: [PATCH v19 00/12] Remus/Libxl: Remus network 
bufferi> I have sent a v20 which was rebased, you can rework based on that.

I have prepared a branch which I think addresses the comments I had on

  git://xenbits.xen.org/people/iwj/xen.git refs/tags/remus-v20..wip.remus.v20


Rather than rebasing your series, I have put a pile of individual
commits on top of it, tagged with the special syntax which
   git rebase -i --autosquash
uses to reorder and combine commits.

That is how I would have prepared the series anyway, but if I stop now
(before actually running the rebase --autosquash) you can see what I
have done as individual commits, and it has enabled me to write useful
commit messages for you.  I have also spared the list another

I think the next step is for you to test this branch head.  I have
checked that it compiles but I have NOT EXECUTED IT AT ALL I am
afraid.  You can then add your own commits on the end with the same
autosquash syntax, to fix bugs I have introduced.

And then you will need to actually rebase and squash the series to
make v21, using a rune like:
   git rebase -i --autosquash remus-v20
Alternatively you can do that rebase first.

You will probably find that there are some conflicts but hopefully
they will be straightforward.

I'll now discuss my actual changes:

The two commits `libxl: multidev: ' need to be bubbled to the top of
your series.  The rest of my changes to `Introduce an abstract Remus
device layer' depend on them.

You can allow git to combine the rest of the changes marked with
`squash!' with whatever commit they belong to.  You'll proabably want
to edit the commit message to combine my comments with your own commit
message so that the whole thing looks sane.

I hope the commit messages I have provided make sense to you.

The top commit on my branch, squash-VARIOUS, swaps
Sorry for bundling that all together, but it's a simple
search-and-replace.  It might be easier to do that to your whole
series with git-filter-branch.  So I have done that for you here:


You'll still need to bubble that top patch, which is very small in the
filtered version, down the series.  See below for the
git-filter-branch rune I used.

I hope this is all of some use.


mariner:xen.git> git-checkout -b wip.remus.v20.filtered
mariner:xen.git> git-reset --hard wip.remus.v20
mariner:xen.git> cat ~/work/t
mariner:xen.git> git-filter-branch --tree-filter ~/work/t 


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