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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 28/28] Separate runtime debug output from debug symbols

On Thu, Sep 25, Jan Beulich wrote:

> I'm having mixed feelings with this: On one hand it's nice to control
> this on the command line. Otoh, since you don't force a full rebuild
> when the setting changes between (incremental) builds, I'm not
> certain a proper binary will result (or the build even succeed). Yes,
> that's already a problem for the hypervisor build without this patch
> (and I think such settings should only be passed through .config,
> which should never be changed after an initial build), but extending
> this doesn't necessarily seem like the right route.

After spending some more time on this it looks my change regarding tools
and stubdom can be done in a different way. Initially I was thinking
that "var ?= val" will override "var := val", but its exactly the

So for xen builds the patch will not change much except that it
separates runtime debug from debug symbols. For the tools+stubdom side I
suggest to have to knobs: --enable-debug for runtime debug like it is
done today, and a new --enable-debug-info or --enable-debug_symbols
which controls just the "-g" flag.

Any objections to that approach?

Regarding the rebuild if the compile environment changes: I'm in favour
of that. Just recently I upgraded from SLE11 to SLE12 and I had to
cleanup first before running make again. Maybe there is a way that
everything depends on some header (or knob) which contains CFLAGS,
LDFLAGS, the toolchain path and other build related things. If some of
that changes, force a rebuild.


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