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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen EFI Issue on Seattle

On 10/06/2014 04:27 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:
On Sun, 2014-10-05 at 09:36 -0500, Suravee Suthikulpanit wrote:
Hi Roy,

I finally get a chance to look into the Xen EFI booting issue on Seattle
that I showed you right at the end of the Linaro Connect.

So, I was tracing the code below with DS-5 and Dstream:

           * Turn off cache and MMU as Xen expects. EFI enables them, but
           * mandates a 1:1 (unity) VA->PA mapping, so we can turn off the
           * MMU while executing EFI code before entering Xen.
           * The EFI loader calls this to start Xen.
           * Preserve x0 (fdf pointer) across call to __flush_dcache_all,
           * restore for entry into Xen.
        b     . /*SURAVEE DEBUG*/
          mov   x20, x0
          bl    __flush_dcache_all
          ic    ialluis

          /* Turn off Dcache and MMU */
          mrs   x0, sctlr_el2
          bic   x0, x0, #1 << 0        /* clear SCTLR.M */
          bic   x0, x0, #1 << 2        /* clear SCTLR.C */
          msr   sctlr_el2, x0
          isb           <---- HERE

          /* Jump to Xen entry point */
          mov   x0, x20
          mov   x1, xzr
          mov   x2, xzr
          mov   x3, xzr
          b     real_start

For some reason, as soon as it execute "isb", the instructions
afterwards (i.e. move x0, x20; mov x1, xzr;  .... ) become all zeros.

By any chance is the symptom of this a never ending spew of Synchronous
abort exceptions?

Yep, that's the one.

I've seen those symptoms with both xen.efi stub, grub.efi (when it
launches the kernel) and I think once or twice (but not frequently) with
the Linux stub. Not every time and not on every platform, but enough
that I'm suspicious of something being wrong on the Tianocore side, or
else the folks implementing this stuff are all the same folks and are
copying the same mistake around, but I think that less likely.

I doubt that this is the same issue across all different EFI boot path though. Usually, this is quite random. However, the one we see here is consistent.

 From your description it almost sounds like we aren't running on 1:1
page tables, like we think we should be. Are you able to manually (or
automatically?) walk the PTs with a DS-5 prior to disabling them?

I checked the PA:VA and it seems to be 1:1 mapping except certain ranges are appear all zeros

AXI:0x83FC46D770 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D774 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D778 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D77C : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D780 : RET
AXI:0x83FC46D784 : DCI      0x33323130 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D788 : TBNZ     w20,#6,{pc}-0x395c ; 0x83fc469e2c
AXI:0x83FC46D78C : DCI      0x62613938 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D790 : DCI      0x66656463 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D794 : MOV      x0,#0
AXI:0x83FC46D798 : RET
AXI:0x83FC46D79C : B        {pc} ; 0x83fc46d79c
AXI:0x83FC46D7A0 : MOV      x20,x0
AXI:0x83FC46D7A4 : BL       {pc}+0x55648 ; 0x83fc4c2dec
AXI:0x83FC46D7A8 : IC       IALLUIS
AXI:0x83FC46D7AC : MRS      x0,SCTLR_EL2
AXI:0x83FC46D7B0 : AND      x0,x0,#0xfffffffffffffffe
AXI:0x83FC46D7B4 : AND      x0,x0,#0xfffffffffffffffb
AXI:0x83FC46D7B8 : HLT      #1
AXI:0x83FC46D7BC : ISB
AXI:0x83FC46D7C0 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D7C4 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D7C8 : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined
AXI:0x83FC46D7CC : DCI      0x00000000 ; ? Undefined


EL2:0x00000083FC46D770 : STRB     w2,[x23,#0]
EL2:0x00000083FC46D774 : LSL      x0,x0,#4
EL2:0x00000083FC46D778 : SUBS     x3,x3,#1
EL2:0x00000083FC46D77C : B.NE     {pc}-0x24 ; 0x83fc46d758
EL2:0x00000083FC46D780 : RET
EL2:0x00000083FC46D784 : DCI      0x33323130 ; ? Undefined
EL2:0x00000083FC46D788 : TBNZ     w20,#6,{pc}-0x395c ; 0x83fc469e2c
EL2:0x00000083FC46D78C : DCI      0x62613938 ; ? Undefined
EL2:0x00000083FC46D790 : DCI      0x66656463 ; ? Undefined
EL2:0x00000083FC46D794 : MOV      x0,#0
EL2:0x00000083FC46D798 : RET
EL2:0x00000083FC46D79C : B        {pc} ; 0x83fc46d79c
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7A0 : MOV      x20,x0
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7A4 : BL       {pc}+0x55648 ; 0x83fc4c2dec
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7A8 : IC       IALLUIS
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7AC : MRS      x0,SCTLR_EL2
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7B0 : AND      x0,x0,#0xfffffffffffffffe
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7B4 : AND      x0,x0,#0xfffffffffffffffb
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7B8 : MSR      SCTLR_EL2,x0
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7BC : ISB
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7C0 : MOV      x0,x20
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7C4 : MOV      x1,xzr
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7C8 : MOV      x2,xzr
EL2:0x00000083FC46D7CC : MOV      x3,xzr



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