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[Xen-devel] Still porting problem

  still trying to port Xen on a new ARM platform.

Last week I suspected interrupts was not arriving to the guest
machine. Today I got the confirm... however I don't understand why
exactly does not work.

Xen should map the GICV into the guest GICC so writing to GICH_LR
should raise an interrupt into the guest. However I don't know ARM
that much and I don't understand how this magic should work. I mean
Xen is executing and try to inject an IRQ into a guest after getting a
VTIMER interrupt (I put some trace on Linux kernel and I see it
setting up the VTIMER and enabling the interrupt throw the GICD
virtual interface correctly). Xen allocate an LR register and set
it... and nothing happen. Well, I don't know even if this is the
expected behaviour. Linux calls set_handle_irq with gic_handle_irq so
I'm expecting gic_handle_irq to be called after Xen write into LR but
is not.

How actually this should work? Is directly the hardware (in this case
I suspect the GIC) that send an interrupt to switch execution from L2
to L1 into the vector table? Or should be Xen in some way that
manually do the switch?

Should I suspect an hardware bug?

I'm attaching the FDT tables, passed to Xen (hip04-d02.dtf directly in
xen file) and the one that pass Xen to dom0 (ccc.fdt).


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