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[Xen-devel] Failed to enable MMU when booting EFI on Seattle


So, I have found that in arch/arm/arm64/head.S, after we enable MMU and execute "br x1" (where x1 = 0x2005F8, the VA of "paging:"), it went to address 0x2005F8, which has all zeros value. This is why we getting the "Synchronous Exception"

        PRINT("- Turning on paging -\r\n")

        ldr   x1, =paging            /* Explicit vaddr, not RIP-relative */
        mrs   x0, SCTLR_EL2
        orr   x0, x0, #SCTLR_M       /* Enable MMU */
        orr   x0, x0, #SCTLR_C       /* Enable D-cache */
dsb sy /* Flush PTE writes and finish reads */
        b .
        msr   SCTLR_EL2, x0          /* now paging is enabled */
        isb                          /* Now, flush the icache */
        br    x1                     /* Get a proper vaddr into PC */

* This is not the case when booting non-EFI.

* If I do "add x1, x1, x20", which puts the PA of paging into x1, it seems to branch to "paging:" fine. Although, I don't this this is the right thing to do since it should already be using VA).

So, I inspected the page tables and compare the ones from booting with and without EFI. At this point, it seems that the contents of the page tables are set up properly. The only thing different is the phys-offset and the location of the page table:


        x20 (phys-offset) = 0x83fc2d0000
        x19 (start paddr) = 0x83fc4d0000
        (.text starts at 2MB = 0x200000 offset)

        boot_pgtable (pa) = x20 + 0x2f2000 = 0x83fc5c2000
        boot_first (pa)   = x20 + 0x2f3000 = 0x83fc5c3000
        boot_second(pa)   = x20 + 0x2f5000 = 0x83fc5c5000
        boot_third (pa)   = x20 + 0x2f6000 = 0x83fc5c6000


        x20 (phys-offset) = 0x8008500000
        x19 (start paddr) = 0x8008700000
        (.text starts at 2MB = 0x200000 offset)

        boot_pgtable (pa) = x20 + 0x2f2000 = 0x80087f2000
        boot_first (pa)   = x20 + 0x2f3000 = 0x80087f3000
        boot_second(pa)   = x20 + 0x2f5000 = 0x80087f5000
        boot_third (pa)   = x20 + 0x2f6000 = 0x80087f6000

Here is the memory map available from UEFI:
Shell> memmap
Type      Start            End              #pages             Attributes
RT_Data 0000008000000000-0000008000FFFFFF 0000000000001000 800000000000000F Available 0000008001000000-0000008007FFDFFF 0000000000006FFE 000000000000000F BS_Code 0000008007FFE000-0000008007FFFFFF 0000000000000002 000000000000000F Available 0000008008000000-000000801FFFDFFF 0000000000017FFE 000000000000000F BS_Data 000000801FFFE000-000000801FFFFFFF 0000000000000002 000000000000000F Available 0000008020000000-000000802FFFFFFF 0000000000010000 000000000000000F RT_Code 0000008030000000-0000008030000FFF 0000000000000001 800000000000000F Available 0000008030001000-00000083F0FFFFFF 00000000003C0FFF 000000000000000F BS_Data 00000083F1000000-00000083F101FFFF 0000000000000020 000000000000000F Available 00000083F1020000-00000083FC5D2FFF 000000000000B5B3 000000000000000F LoaderCode 00000083FC5D3000-00000083FC6B1FFF 00000000000000DF 000000000000000F

However, it seems that the location falls in the "Available", which should be ok to use.

Not sure at this point what I might be missing :(


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