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[Xen-devel] [RFC V7 1/3] libxl domain snapshot introduction

Domain snapshot includes disk snapshots and domain state saving. domain
could be resumed to the very state when the snapshot was created. This
kind of snapshot is also referred to as a domain checkpoint or system

Disk snapshot is crash-consistent if the domain is running. To libxl,
even domain is paused, there is no data flush to disk operation. So, for
active domain (domain is started), take a disk-only snapshot and then
resume, it is as if the guest had crashed. For this reason, we only
support disk-only snapshot when domain is inactive (like: libvirt defines
but not start the domain.)

Disk snapshot itself could be "internal" (like in qcow2 format, snapshot
and delta are both in one image file), or "external" (snapshot in one file,
delta in another).

Expected 4 types of operations:

"domain snapshot create":
    means saving domain state (if not disk-only) and doing disk snapshots.

"domain snapshot revert":
    means rolling back to the state of indicated snapshot.

"domain snapshot delete":
    delete indicated domain snapshot.

"domain snapshot list":
    list domain snapshot information.

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