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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] tools/hotplug/Linux: Fix build

On Fri, Oct 10, Ian Campbell wrote:

> I expect the actual problem is that the buildsystem is recusing into
> this directory twice simultaneously for "all" and "install" at the same
> time. That seems likely to be an issue with the Makefile in the parent
> directory.
> Should subdirs-install depend on subdirs-all perhaps?

Anthony, how do you invoke make? While I have seen it often right now
I'm unable to reproduce. There are never 'all' and 'install' targets in
the log. I think my script always called make rpmball.

I think only the install rule should depend on ALL_XEN_SYSTEMD because
in the end thats the only place that matters. There is nothing to build,
and the single xen.conf file could also be generated on the fly during

But still it would be nice to know what the root cause is.


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