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Re: [Xen-devel] OPW 2014 - Advanced Scheduling Parameters Project

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 6:31 PM, Uma Sharma <uma.sharma523@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I would like to work on the project Advanced Scheduling Parameters. I
> studied about the Credit Scheduler. Kindly help me to start some work on it.

According to tools/libxl.h:

 * IDL-generated libxl types should be used as follows: the user must
 * always call the "init" function before using a type, even if the
 * variable is simply being passed by reference as an out parameter
 * to a libxl function.  The user must always calls "dispose" exactly
 * once afterwards, to clean up, regardless of whether operations on
 * this object succeeded or failed.  See the xl code for examples.

However, the code in xl (namely tools/xl_cmdimpl.c) fails to do this
several times when calling sched_domain_get().  Please write a patch
to address this.

Coding style conventions are very important, so try to copy the style
of the surrounding code.

Extra credit: Find other IDL-generated libxl types in xl_cmdimpl.c
which aren't initialized properly (if there are any) and send patches
for those.

You can find information about submitting patches here:


I would personally recommend using stgit to create patch series
(that's what I use - there's a link near the top of the page above on
using stgit), but you're free to use whatever you want, as long as the
patches apply properly. :-)

Feel free to contact me on IRC or over e-mail if you run into any
problems or have any questions.

Also, there are a million conventions about how to do patches and
coding that would be overwhelming either for us to write down or for
you to read.  Don't worry about trying to get it 100% perfect; just
dive in and send your patch when you think it's ready, and expect to
get lots of feedback on how it needs to be changed.  That's part of
the learning process.


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