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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 00/10] Xen balloon page compaction support

On 15/10/14 16:54, Wei Liu wrote:
> Hi all
> This is a prototype to make Xen balloon driver work with balloon page
> compaction. The goal is to reduce guest physical address space fragmentation
> introduced by balloon pages. Having guest physical address space as contiguous
> as possible is generally useful (because guest can have higher order pages), 
> and
> it should also help improve HVM performance (provided that guest kernel knows
> how to use huge pages -- Linux has hugetlbfs and transparent huge page).

After you have defragmented guest physical memory, does Linux use
2MB/1GB superpages more readily?

On what basis do you think this will improve HVM performance?  The HAP
tables still remain fragmented after ballooning.


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