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[Xen-devel] High Level Design - OPW project "CPU/RAM/PCI diagram tool"


I am looking to work on the CPU/RAM/PCI Diagram tool project for
Outreach Program For Women - Round9.

Having discussed with my mentor, we have agreed that a good first step
is to attempt a tool which draws a graphical  representation of numa
nodes and the distribution of the VMs vcpus and memory. This email is
intended as a high level design.

I wish to get the host topology information which is normally
available in the APCI tables which identify Numa nodes and cpus inside
those nodes so we plan to  parse the ACPI tables manually. The
vcpus/memory information would be queried from Xen by using lstopo and

Then using gnuplot we would generate a diagram combining the above
information to generate an integrated view.

Reading number of vcpus, Numa nodes and the quantity of RAM attached
to each NUMA node is available from BIOS or from virtual filesystem
interfaces like sysfs and proc but BIOS makes more sense since in a
virtual enviroment(dom0), some of this information is no longer

P.S. - Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Rita Sinha

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