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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5 development update (October update). RC1 on 24th

On Fri, Oct 17, konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> by Boris and build and Makefile changes by Andrew (the ones by Olaf
> are all in?).

These are the outstanding changes in my own for-4.5 queue:

 pick 590db9e tools/mkrpm: improve version.release handling
 pick 3495d6c Separate runtime debug output from debug symbols   (v3)
 pick cde4d39 Add configure --with-extra-cflags-*
 pick e47f208 tools/hotplug: use configure --sysconfdir result
 pick f8b2e49 tools/hotplug: fix systemd service files for dom0
 pick 13a834b tools/hotplug: update dependency of var-lib-xenstored.mount
maybe 8a52b89 tools/hotplug: add helper script to visualize systemd dependencies
 pick c0af9cc README: remove references to unneeded python helpers
 pick b2ee641 Add INSTALL file


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