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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5-rc1 update (RC1 is out 2014-Oct-24th)

On 10/24/2014 02:08 PM, konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Feature patchsets that did not make it in by today have been put
on the deferred list. If you think your feature should make it in Xen 4.5-rc2
please make your case.

= Open =

== Linux ==

*  vAPIC in PVHVM guests (Linux side) (none)
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

I posted a patch a few days ago. Will repost when Andrew's cpuid.h changes are accepted into Xen.

== Completed ==

== Hypervisor ==

*  VPMU - 'perf' support in Xen (good)
    v14 posted
    Need reviews/final ack.
   -  Boris Ostrovsky

This will need another spin as there was at least one comment.

I don't know whether this will still be considered for 4.5 in light of your opening statement.


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