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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH ARM v8 3/4] mini-os: arm: build system

On 21 October 2014 22:50, Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Ian Campbell, le Tue 21 Oct 2014 12:44:27 +0100, a Ãcrit :
>> > +ifeq ($(XEN_TARGET_ARCH),arm32)
>> > +# Need libgcc.a for division helpers
>> Is this the __aeabi_* stuff?
>> Samuel, is this sort of thing OK in mini-os? Usually on the Xen/kernel
>> side we avoid libgcc.a and instead have our own copies of such helpers.
>> I don't recall why, I don't think it is licensing (libgcc has an
>> exception). Possibly just to give some control over what gets included?
> IIRC we would tend to get additional things brought in, with special
> linker features and all kinds of things we don't want to have to
> support.  Since you never know what compiler would be used, it was saner
> to just provide an implementation.

As I understand it, libgcc provides required support functions for the
code that gcc generates. If you use a different compiler, you'll
presumably want different support functions too.

Could you say a bit more about the linker problems you had? I haven't
noticed any problems myself, and I would assume it would just link in
the functions it needs and do nothing else. I'd like to know what I'm
trying to fix before reimplementing anything...


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