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[Xen-devel] xl/SR-IOV: disposition of VFs when PF disappears?


Intel reports that the sequence

- xl pci-assignable-add <VF>
- briefly run guest using that device [not sure whether that's really a
  necessary step]
- xl pci-assignable-add <PF of VF>

results in both VF and PF being listed as assignable (the fact that as a
result the PF handed to a guest doesn't work is secondary here, as I
think this is a driver issue). Is that really how it should be? Shouldn't
instead all VFs get removed when the PF device (e.g. due to the
PF driver getting unloaded, which is a necessary part of making it
assignable) goes away? Or is it required for the admin to manually
remove the assignable VFs prior to making the PF go away?

Thanks, Jan

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