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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Hypervisor RNG and enumeration

On 10/29/2014 05:29 PM, Jake Oshins wrote:
> Just as a point of clarification, the VM Generation ID changes (at
> least in the Hyper-V implementation) only when the VM may have
> observed a different future, as when a VM backup is restored, a
> checkpoint is applied, etc.  It does not change during migration,
> when the VM is suspended or when it is rebooted.  I've heard
> anecdotes from application vendors saying that there is some other
> hypervisor that actually does change the ID at these moments and they
> wanted us to us to fix that, until I explained that I only control
> Hyper-V.

This is indeed the only reasonable way you can read the vmgenid spec.


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