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[Xen-devel] Xen-4.5-rc1 test day results from XenServer


Within XenServer, I have an experimental branch running on top of
Xen-4.5 which is currently being tested by our basic verification tests.

It is a CentOS 6.5-based dom0, with Xapi as a toolstack and
qemu-traditional for device model.  It is based on staging, which is a
good enough approximation to -rc1 for testing purposes.

The following bugs are present in -rc1, but have fixes already present
in staging.

* Specifying a LIBXL_API_VERSION causes a build failure in libxl_uuid.h 
(fixed by c/s 67d95d0)
* Migrating windows VMs from older versions of Xen fails (fixed by c/s

The following bugs are present in -rc1 and are not fixed in current
staging.  Patches fixing each of these are on xen-devel.

* pygrub can't parse grub1 config files
* TOCTOU race in pygrub

For future testing, we hope to run more thorough tests.  Most of my
allocated time this time around was taken adjusting XenServer for the
change in install path for most of the Xen utilities, given the recent
./configure improvements and standardisations.


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