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Re: [Xen-devel] [v7][RFC][PATCH 01/13] xen: RMRR fix

On 2014/10/31 6:15, Tim Deegan wrote:

At 15:34 +0800 on 24 Oct (1414161264), Tiejun Chen wrote:
This series of patches try to reconcile those remaining problems but
just post as RFC to ask for any comments to refine everything.

The current whole scheme is as follows:

1. Reconcile guest mmio with RMRR in pci_setup
2. Reconcile guest RAM with RMRR in e820 table

Then in theory guest wouldn't access any RMRR range.

3. Just initialize all RMRR ranges as p2m_access_n in p2m table:

Please don't use p2m_access for this.  It will conflict with other
users of that interface.  Just clear the entries instead (i.e. set to
p2m_type_invalid).  Then you don't need to do this either:

IMO all p2m tables are initialized as invalid.

Furthermore, so I guess you also may agree something discussed between Jan and me. There Jan think we just reject any attempt to populate these ranges.


5. Before we take real device assignment, any access to RMRR may issue
ept_handle_violation because of p2m_access_n. Then we just call
update_guest_eip() to return.

because the RMRR area will be handled like any other un-backed address.



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