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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.5-rc1 update (RC1 is out 2014-Oct-24th)

> > *  PVH - PCI passthrough for DomU.
> I am working on Cavium Thunder (ARM64) on this feature.
> [Xen SMMU driver changes + PCI passthrough changes in Xen and Linux]

Ok, replaced Julien's name with yours. Please make sure
that for the Linux patches you CC xen-devel and the 
maintainers (David, Stefano, Boris and me).

Since this is a dual part work - please work first on the Xen
component and get those done before posting the Linux patches.

Thank you!

Also to make it clear - I stuck this under Xen 4.6 release time
frame as Xen 4.5 is in RC1 with GM going out in December 10th.

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