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Re: [Xen-devel] (v2) VT-d Posted-interrupt (PI) design for XEN

>>> On 18.03.15 at 13:44, <feng.wu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here are what we do for the blocked vCPU:
> 1. Define a per-cpu list 'blocked_vcpu_on_cpu', which stored the blocked
> vCPU on the pCPU.
> 2. When the vCPU's state is changed to RUNSTATE_blocked, insert the vCPU
> to the per-cpu list belonging to the pCPU it was running.
> 3. When the vCPU is unblocked, remove the vCPU from the related pCPU list.

And this works transparently not only with the generic scheduler
code moving the vCPU to another pCPU, but also with some of the
individual scheduler implementations doing such re-assignments?


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