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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v19 00/14] x86/PMU: Xen PMU PV(H) support

Am Dienstag 17 MÃrz 2015, 10:53:57 schrieb Boris Ostrovsky:
> Changes in v19:
> * Do not allow changing mode to/from OFF/ALL while guests are
>   running. This significantly simplifies code due
>   to large number of corner cases that I had to deal with. Most of the
>   changes are in patch#5. This also makes patch 4 from last version
>   unnecessary
> * Defer NMI support (drop patch#14 from last version)
> * Make patch#15 from last series be patch#1 (vpmu init cleanup)
> * Other changes are listed per patch


is anybody of you working on PEBS support for x86_64?


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