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Re: [Xen-devel] 32-bit ARM guest on 64-bit ARM Xen


On 01/05/15 13:48, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Wed, 2015-04-29 at 12:21 -0400, Robert VanVossen wrote:
>> This yields xen/xen/arch/arm/domain.c:208 which has the following line:
>> WRITE_SYSREG32(n->arch.teecr, TEECR32_EL1);
> This is in a "if ( is_32bit_domain(p->domain) && cpu_has_thumbee )"
> condition, so if it isn't a 32-bit model issue it might be a ThumbEE
> one?

Robert, can you confirm that you aren't using the QEMU models for Xilinx
ZynqMP? If not, based on Edgar's mail [1] I think it's not a bug in Xen.


[1] http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2015-04/msg03033.html

Julien Grall

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