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[Xen-devel] Windows 8 64bit Guest BSOD when using OVMF to boot and *install* from CDROM(when configured with more than 4G memory)

Dear all:
        New issue:
        Guest BSOD and restart when using OVMF to boot and install windows8 
64bit OS(which owns more than 4G memmory)。
My environment as below:
xen 4.5.0
qemu 2.2.1

I just git clone xen from git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git. configure it and 
parameters as below:
./configure --prefix=/usr/ --libdir=/usr/lib/  --enable-ovmf then make && make 
install, after that I reboot my host OS(SuSE 11.3).
I write a cfg file win8.cfg as below:
builder = "hvm"
name = "win8"
memory = 2048
maxmem = 2048
vcpus = 4
bios = "ovmf"
boot = "d"
disk = [ 
 ] usb = 1 usbdevice="tablet"
vnc = 1
vnclisten = ''
vncdisplay = 0

# xl create win8.cfg
after the command I use vnc client to connect guest, win8 guest works normally.
then I modify the memory size and change it to 8192MB, save and start win8 
guest again.
after ovmf bios logo, windows8 logo appears, go on for a while, the guest stops 
and restart, then stop (sometimes BSOD,but no error code on the screen) and 
restart ....repeat the process

I tried some different memory sizes, the result is guest can work normally when 
it has 4320MB memory at most, but it stop and restart when it has lager than 
4320MB memory

Li Donglin

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