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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 4/4] xenconfig: fix spice mousemode and copypaste

Il 09/05/2015 00:40, Jim Fehlig ha scritto:
Fabio Fantoni wrote:
2015-05-09 0:00 GMT+02:00 Jim Fehlig <jfehlig@xxxxxxxx

     From xl.cfg950 man page:

     Whether SPICE agent is used for client mouse mode. The default is
     true (1) (turn on)

     Enables spice vdagent. The Spice vdagent is an optional component for
     enhancing user experience and performing guest-oriented management
     tasks. Its features includes: client mouse mode (no need to grab
     mouse by client, no mouse lag), automatic adjustment of screen
     resolution, copy and paste (text and image) between client and domU.
     It also requires vdagent service installed on domU o.s. to work.
     The default is 0.

     Enables Spice clipboard sharing (copy/paste). It requires spicevdagent
     enabled. The default is false (0).

     So if spiceagent_mouse is enabled (client mouse mode) or
     spice_clipboard_sharing is enabled, spicevdagent must be enabled.
     Along with this change, s/spicedvagent/spicevdagent, set
     spiceagent_mouse correctly, and add a test for these spice

Thanks for your work in libvirt about improve/fix support for xen with
 From a fast look to code seems there is spice usbredirection support
missed, a feature that I think very useful:
There are also other spice settings added for xen 4.6 (image
compression and streaming video):
Right, but those can be added in a follow-up patch.  To ease review, I
avoided adding support for all features in this patch.

And also another important that you already know and accepted today:
Latest version have also LIBXL_HAVE_QXL useful for libvirt.

I think is good add also qxl and usbredir to spice-features test or
create a new one "full features".
Agreed.  A new test can be added when implementing the addition features
in a follow-up.  Do you have any interest in working on a libvirt patch
for these features?

I don't have experience in libvirt and I don't use it on xen server.
I'm trying to improve xen hvm domUs performance and features (not only for hvm) even if probably I don't have enoght knowledge and time to do everything :( I used libvirt only in fast kvm tests and I saw that with kvm have already support for spice usbredir, image compression and streaming options but I probably not able to implement the same options for xen too fast and in a good and complete way.


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