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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 00/41] Add ACPI support for arm64 on Xen

>>> On 17.05.15 at 22:03, <parth.dixit@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Naresh Bhat (3):
>   arm/acpi: Build numa for x86 only
>   arm/acpi : Print GIC information when MADT is parsed
>   xen: arm64: Add ACPI support
> Parth Dixit (38):
>   arm/acpi: Build pmstat for x86 only
>   arm/acpi : emulate io ports for arm
>   arm/acpi : add arm specific acpi header file
>   acpi : add helper function for mapping memory
>   arm/acpi : Add basic ACPI initialization
>   arm/acpi : Introduce ARM Boot Architecture Flags in      FADT
>   arm/acpi : Parse FADT table and get PSCI flags
>   arm/acpi : Add Generic Interrupt and Distributor struct
>   arm/acpi : add GTDT support updated by ACPI 5.1
>   arm : move dt specific code in smp to seperate      functions
>   arm/acpi : parse MADT to map logical cpu to MPIDR and      get
>     cpu_possible_map
>   arm : acpi add helper function for setting interrupt      type
>   arm : acpi parse GTDT to initialize timer
>   acpi : Introduce acpi_parse_entries
>   arm : refactor gic into generic and dt specific parts
>   arm: Introduce a generic way to use a device from acpi
>   arm : acpi Add GIC specific ACPI boot support
>   arm : create generic uart initialization function
>   arm : acpi Initialize serial port from ACPI SPCR table
>   arm : acpi create min DT stub for DOM0
>   arm : acpi create chosen node for DOM0
>   arm : acpi create efi node for DOM0
>   arm : acpi add status override table
>   arm : acpi add xen environment table
>   arm : add helper functions to map memory regions
>   arm : acpi add efi structures to common efi header
>   arm : acpi read acpi memory info from uefi
>   arm : acpi add placeholder for acpi load address
>   arm : acpi estimate memory required for acpi/efi tables
>   arm : acpi dynamically map mmio regions
>   arm : acpi prepare acpi tables for dom0
>   arm : acpi create and map acpi tables
>   arm : acpi add helper function to calculate crc32
>   arm : acpi pass rsdp and memory via efi table
>   arm : acpi add acpi parameter to enable/disable acpi
>   arm : acpi enable efi for acpi
>   arm : acpi configure interrupts dynamically
>   arm : acpi route irq's at time of boot

Please trim your Cc list on the individual patches, i.e. avoid Cc-ing
every maintainer involved in some of the patches one every one of
them. In the case here, only 16 of the 41 patches really need me
looking at them.


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