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[Xen-devel] Question about PEX boot on Xen with OVMF as bios

Hi all:
        Recentlly, I want to use PXE boot on Xen with OVMF as bios. At 
beginning, I just add rtl8139 as guest nic device, and I compile a release 
ovmf. When I enter into uefi, I can't find network boot menu.  According to 
edk2/OvmfPkg/README file, I know there is a virtio-net driver build into ovmf. 
So I replace rtl8139 with virtio-net. When I enter into uefi boot menu again. I 
see the network boot entry, I'm very happy. But after I choose network boot 
entry, uefi can't display pxe boot process, only black sceen with one while dot 
at the beginning of the screen. I try e1000 according to edk2/OvmfPkg/README 
file, and I get the same result. Except e1000 and virtio-net, I can't see the 
network boot entry if I use any other nics. Who can tell me how to use pxe boot 
on Xen with ovmf. Thanks.

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