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[Xen-devel] [tools/libxl]: Possible bug in ao_cancel

Hi Ian,


I spotted a possible bug in ao_cancel (libxl_event.c) and wanted to run it through you.

In the ao_cancel(), we mark the parent->cancelling = 1 so that subsequence cancel calls don’t get entertained and mess things up. However, in my view, setting this should be after we check for “parent->cancellables”.


This is because, if someones invokes libxl_ao_cancel(), while there are no cancellables registered, then further calls to libxl_ao_cancel() should not be rejected – as the first call actually didn’t do anything.

I hope I am making myself clear.


index a5a2762..515e0bd 100644

--- a/tools/libxl/libxl_event.c

+++ b/tools/libxl/libxl_event.c

@@ -2032,8 +2032,6 @@ static int ao__cancel(libxl_ctx *ctx, libxl__ao *parent)

         goto out;



-    parent->cancelling = 1;


     if (LIBXL_LIST_EMPTY(&parent->cancellables)) {

         LIBXL__LOG(ctx, XTL_DEBUG,

                    "ao %p: cancellation requested, but not not implemented",

@@ -2042,6 +2040,8 @@ static int ao__cancel(libxl_ctx *ctx, libxl__ao *parent)

         goto out;



+    parent->cancelling = 1;


     /* We keep calling cancellation hooks until there are none left */

     while (!LIBXL_LIST_EMPTY(&parent->cancellables)) {

         libxl__egc egc;



Koushik Chakravarty



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