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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen on ARM vITS Handling Draft B (Was Re: Xen/arm: Virtual ITS command queue handling)


On 25/05/2015 12:40, Vijay Kilari wrote:
On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 3:02 PM, Julien Grall
<julien.grall.oss@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 25/05/2015 11:06, Vijay Kilari wrote:

On Sun, May 24, 2015 at 4:05 PM, Julien Grall <julien.grall@xxxxxxxxxx>

1) Command translation:

    - ITS commands contains device ID, Event ID (vID), Collection ID
(vCID), Target Address (vTA)
    - All these parameters should be validated
    - These parameters should be translated from Virtual to Physical

Of the existing GICv3 ITS commands, MAPC, MAPD, MAPVI/MAPI are the time
consuming commands as these commands creates entry in the Xen ITS
which are used to validate other ITS commands.

1.1 MAPC command translation
      Format: MAPC vCID, vTA

      -  vTA is validated against Re-distributor address by searching
Redistributor region /
          CPU number based on GITS_TYPER.PAtype and Physical Collection
ID & Physical
          Target address are retrieved
      -  Each vITS will have cid_map (struct cid_mapping) which holds
mapping of
         Virtual Collection ID, Virtual Targets address and Physical
Collection ID.
      -  MAPC pCID, pTA physical ITS command is generated

      Here there is no overhead, the cid_map entries (approx 32 entries)
are preallocated when
      vITS is created.

How did you decide the 32 entries? The ITS must at least provide N + 1
collection when N is the number of processors.

It should be MAX_VIRT_VCPUS.

Why not allocating dynamically rather than wasting memory?

Also, how do you handle collection re-mapping?

There is one collection per cpu. The vTA of MAPC should fall within
vcpus range (GITS_TYPE.PTAtype is 0).

It's not what I asked...

In case of remapping,  if the vCID does not exists in cid_map,
then new entry is made (vCID, pCID, vTA)

If vCID exists, the existing entry is updated with pCID, vTA

However this cid_map should be used to inject to right pCPU where
vCPU is running.

What do you mean by injecting? The MAPC should never be injected to the
physical CPU. As I said earlier, the collection is shared with all the vCPU
and Xen.

It does not mean MAPC is sent to physical CPU,

All interrupts mapped to collection are taken on cpus 0 to nr_vcpus.
when vCID is mapped to pCID, all pCID fall in the range of 0 to nr_vcpus

vCID can be higher than the number of VCPUs (the vITS has to support nr_vcpus + 1 collection).

Also, the number of physical collection may be lower than the virtual collection because the user created a guest with num vCPUs > num pCPU.

So, irrespective of vcpus running on physical cpus all interrupts are routed
to pCPU 0 to nr_vcpus

Similar to below patch done for SPIs. LPIs should also be injected.

I know that LPIs should be injected...


Correct me if I have not understood your question correctly.

AFAIU your proposal, the function mapping(vCID) will always return the same pCID, right?


What about device remapping?

IMO, device cannot be remapped. It has to removed (MAPD with valid bit 0)
so that ITS HW can remove the entries and added with new MAPD command.

Your opinion is not the spec...

Device remapping is allowed by the spec (see 4.9.18 "Re-mapping and
Un-mapping devices in PRD03-GENC-010745 24.0). So even it's not possible
(with a spec ref in proof), you have to protect it...

I am no saying that is my opinion, I mean the same as told in 4.9.18,

IMO === In My Opinion... I can't guess that you were talking about 4.9.18.

To unmap the device, the MAPD should be sent with valid bit 0, which will

s/unmap/re-map/ ?

remove the device from the list and added again on MAPD with valid bit 1

I can't see where the spec says that 2 MAPD (one with V=1 and the other with V=0) is required. The section 4.9.18 contains an 'or':

"Issue a mapping command (MAPD; see section 5.13.11) or an un-mapping command"

This is related to "Interrupts can be re-mapped or un-mapped".

4.9.18 and 5.13.11 (PRD03-GENC-010745 24.0) are only speaking about a single MAPD:

"Note: software might issue a MAPD command to re-map an already mapped device and the ITS must invalidate all cached data for that device."

new pID may not be re-generated but there is some care to take when an vID
is remapped. (see 4.9.17 "Re-mapping and Un-mapping Interrupts" in
PRD03-GENC-010745 24.0).

If vCID is changed, a new pCID is generated based on MAPC command

Which is wrong...

When you say vID is remapped, then vCID should be different right?

Yes. I was confuse by "MAPC command" at the end.


Julien Grall

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