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[Xen-devel] question on "xen-blkback: enlarge the array size of blkback name"


looking at this once again now that it's upstream, I still can't see what
this is good for: The only use the produced string has is to be passed
to kthread_run(), i.e. ultimately to be stored in a task's ->comm. That,
however, continues to be limited to 16 characters, so
blkback.domid.xvd[a-z] being up to 18 characters I don't understand
how the change results in the full name being shown. What am I
missing? Why aren't you instead shortening the string to e.g.
blkbk.domid.xvd[a-z] (which still is 16 characters, i.e. the last
character would still be chopped off for 5 digit domain IDs; perhaps
the first dot should then also be dropped).

Thanks, Jan

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