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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 26/41] arm : acpi add xen environment table

>>> On 28.05.15 at 12:58, <stefano.stabellini@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Let's take a closer look at this table. After the boilierplate, these
> are the interesting fields:
> GNT Start, GNT Size
> Evtchn Intr, Evtchn Intr Flags
> After the table, it is clearly stated:
> "The Grant Table region is optional."
> and
> "The Event Channel Interrupt is optional."
> So I think there is no problem: we don't want to pass any info in that
> table? Sure, let's not pass any. We can still use it to flag the
> presence of Xen on the platform.

Even more so a reason to use what base ACPI has, without any
custom table.


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