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Re: [Xen-devel] [v7][PATCH 03/16] xen/passthrough: extend hypercall to support rdm reservation policy

I was saying two things in the above paragraph:

1. For removal, there's no point in passing in anything other than '0'
for flags, since it's ignored.  Passing a non-0 value implies that the
flags will have some effect, which is misleading.

2. For places we know we're adding to hw domains, I think it makes most
sense also to pass in '0', to imply STRICT.

But if instead they insist on passing RELAXED, then please add an
ASSERT(pdev->domain == hw_domain) or something of the kind to
intel_iommu_add_device().  (If defaulting to STRICT, I don't think the
ASSERT is necessary anymore.)

I agree and also looks Jan didn't oppose this STRICT way by setting "0" directly, so lets do this.


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