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Re: [Xen-devel] Request a freeze exception for Libxl Migration v2 in 4.6

On 07/14/2015 10:13 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Request a freeze exception for Libxl Migration v2 in 
Andrew Cooper writes ("Request a freeze exception for Libxl Migration v2 in 
I would like to request a freeze exception for libxl migration v2.

v3 of the series was posted this morning, and review seems to indicate
that it is mostly on track.  I hope to have v4 ready to post tomorrow,
and hope to have no further adjustments required.

Wei asked me for input and I thought it best to reply by email.

The series is now fully acked and there are only two things stopping
it going in right away:

  * The need for a freeze exception which has not yet been granted.

  * We have a bug report about it breaking Remus.  This is being
    investigated.  My view as maintainer is that this should not be a
    blocker to committing this series, because:

      - This series is itself a prerequisite for Colo work, which
        is being promoted by many of the same people as Remus.

      - I have confidence that this bug will be resolved early during
        the freeze.  In particular I have confidence (based on past
        performance) that the bug-hunt will be thorough, and that the
        submitter of this v2 migration series will quickly take
        responsibility and develop necessary fixes.

Agreed, having investigated the bug, I know where it is, it can be fixed
after you push the series, I will propose a patch to fix this.

   I would like to get a confirmation from a Remus maintainer that they
   are happy with this approach: that is, to commit now, and fix later.

   But after getting that confirmation, if it weren't for the freeze I
   would now be pushing this series to staging.

Arguments in favour of the exception:

  * The series is a prerequisite for other important work (notably
    Colo), and even if that other work misses 4.6, we want to make as
    much progress as possible.

  * This series is cleanup work, rather than new functionality; we hope
    it will improve the release's long-term maintainability and

  * The code quality of the initial non-RFC v1 was very high.

  * Without this series we will, for another release, have an
    entirely-unexercised set of `v2 migration' code at the libxc layer.

  * The series is now in good shape and only 3 working days late.

Arguments against:

  * We are switching between implementations of a major piece of

I would recommend granting an exception, subject to two conditions:

  * Confirmation from a Remus maintainer that they would prefer this
    series to go in now, and be fixed later, despite the probable
    existence of a Remus-related bug.

  * That the series should be committed today or tomorrow.



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