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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 0/4] virtio: Clean up scatterlists and use the DMA API

Let me try to summarize a proposal:

Add a feature flag that indicates IOMMU support.

New kernels acknowledge that flag on any device that advertises it.

New kernels always respect the IOMMU (except on PowerPC).  New kernels
optionally refuse to talk to devices that don't have that feature flag
if the device appears to be behind an IOMMU.  (This presumably
includes any device whatsoever on an x86 platform with an IOMMU,
including Xen's fake IOMMU.)

New QEMU always respects the IOMMU, if any, except on PPC.  New QEMU
always advertises this feature flag.  If iommu=on, QEMU's virtio
devices refuse to work unless the driver acknowledges the flag.

On PPC, new QEMU will not respect the IOMMU and will not set the flag.
New kernels will not talk to devices that set the flag.  If someone
wants to fix that, then they get to figure out how.

This results in:

New kernels work fine with old QEMU unless iommu=on.

New kernels work with new devices (QEMU and physical devices that set
the flag) under all circumstances, except on PPC where physical
devices are and remain broken.

Xen works work new QEMU and cleanly refuses to interoperate with old
QEMU.  (This is worse than with just my patches, but it's better than
the status quo in which the Xen guest corrupts itself and possibly
corrupts the Xen hypervisor.)

New kernels with old QEMU with iommu=on optionally refuses to interoperate.

Old kernels are oblivious.  They work exactly the same as they do
today except that they fail cleanly with new QEMU with iommu=on.  Old
kernels continue to fail with physical virtio devices if they're
behind an iommu.

Old physical virtio devices that don't advertise the flag fail cleanly
if the host uses an iommu.  The driver could optionally whitelist such

PPC works as well as it currently does.

I'm unsure about the arm64 situation.

Did I get this right?


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