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Re: [Xen-devel] printk from softirq on xen: hard lockup

In that case, it doesn't compile.

arch/x86/xen/apic.c:204:13: error: redefinition of âxen_init_apicâ
 void __init xen_init_apic(void)
In file included from arch/x86/xen/apic.c:9:0:
arch/x86/xen/xen-ops.h:110:27: note: previous definition of
âxen_init_apicâ was here
 static inline void __init xen_init_apic(void)

It looks like whoever wrote this explicitly didn't want that APIC
driver used on domU:

void __init xen_init_vga(const struct dom0_vga_console_info *, size_t size);
void __init xen_init_apic(void);
static inline void __init xen_init_vga(const struct dom0_vga_console_info *info,
                                       size_t size)
static inline void __init xen_init_apic(void)

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