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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH v16 00/22] Nested HVM

This series is also available at:
in wip.nested-hvm.v16..wip.nested-hvm.v16

The first three of these patches are IMO ready to go in whenever.

The rest of them are ready, but are part of the Nested HVM support and
should wait for the whole series, or they're just dead code in-tree.

There are only three patches with substantial changes not yet seen on

 + 20/22 HVM guests: Use qemu "pipe:" for serial output
 + 21/22 Serial: Factor out Osstest::Serial::keys_real
 * 22/22 Serial: Add new serial method object for

The first two are entirely new cleanup patches.  I have (fairly
lightly) tested them (and if this series goes into pretest will take
responsibility for fixing them up).

The final patch - for nested HVM L1 debug keys - is completely
untested.  I'm expecting Robert to test it and report back.

Ian: I'm not sure whether or not you want to review these.  About half
of the patches are mine; the other half are Robert's but have been
reviewed by me.  All but the last three have been tested by Robert.


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