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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM domains crash after upgrade from XEN 4.5.1 to 4.5.2

On 19/11/2015 20:02, Atom2 wrote:
> Am 19.11.15 um 02:06 schrieb Andrew Cooper:
>> Thanks! That is what I was looking for.
>> Sadly, it is less useful than I was hoping.  The guest is not appearing
>> to do anything interesting which causes the bad state; it is almost a
>> full second between the previous action of note, and the crash.
>> Can you email me the bad HVMLoader binary please?
> Hi Andrew,
> Sure I can email the binary. What version of the HVMLoader do you want
> me to send to you? Should this be one with the debug option and debug
> symbols or a standard build without any of those? I assume we are
> talking about amd64 - right?

hvmloader is always a 32bit binary, no matter what your host environment
is.  I would like any of the ones which reliably crash for  you,
preferably debug if that is available.

> Given the recent findings do you still want me to boot with minimal
> command line options to rule out an interaction with the options as
> suggested in an earlier answer?

No - this is unnecessary now.

> I can certainly do this, but would need to reconfigure certain things
> as both my HVM domUs require PCI passthrough devices (which you have
> stripped off the suggested minimal command line) to be available.
> Failing to see those devices puts those domUs into an unconfigured
> state and they re-start their initial setup process.

Don't worry - Jan figured this out from the disassembly, which I
admittedly missed.

It would be nice to see your vm's .cfg file to help me reproduce the issue.


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