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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 2/6] libxl: stop using libxl__xs_mkdir() for ~/control/shutdown

Paul Durrant writes ("RE: [RFC PATCH 2/6] libxl: stop using libxl__xs_mkdir() 
for ~/control/shutdown"):
> From: Ian Jackson [mailto:Ian.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> > And even if the node did somehow end up with a nonempty value, nothing
> > would break because no-one would read it.
> Maybe. Personally I would have thought a toolstack would want to put things 
> into a known state and XS_MKDIR just doesn't do that.


> > > If you use XS_WRITE then it is and I think that is the correct
> > > semantic here (even though we happen to get away with it at the
> > > moment). I'm happy with the function rename, but would you be happy
> > > with the change in semantic?
> > 
> > XS_MKDIR creates missing parents, which XS_WRITE doesn't.
> According to the documentation it does: (from xenstore.txt)
> READ                  <path>|                 <value|>
> WRITE                 <path>|<value|>
>       Store and read the octet string <value> at <path>.
>       WRITE creates any missing parent paths, with empty values.


Well so then perhaps we should jsut change libxl__xs_mkdir to use
WRITE.  This rather confusing situation is probably worth a doc
comment next to the prototype in libxl_internal.h.


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