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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 01/11] xsplice: Design document (v2).

On 03.11.2015 19:15, Ross Lagerwall wrote:
> +struct xen_sysctl_xsplice_summary {  
> +    xen_xsplice_id_t    id;         /* IN, the name of the payload. */  

I still feel a bit confused about the ID vs. name thingy.  IMHO, each
payload should have a name (easily readable by a human, like
"xsa-148-xpatch") and an ID (to safely address it, like

Here the variable is called id but described as name.

The definition of id contains a member called name again:

 * Structure describing an ELF payload. Uniquely identifies the
 * payload. Should be human readable.
 * Recommended length is XEN_XSPLICE_NAME_SIZE.
struct xen_xsplice_id {
    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(char) name;         /* IN: pointer to name. */
    uint32_t    size;                       /* IN: size of name. May be upto
                                               XEN_XSPLICE_NAME_SIZE. */
    uint32_t    pad;                        /* IN: MUST be zero. */

If this thing is supposed to carry something like a build_id we should
call it such through out.  If it is supposed to carry a human readable
name, let's call it name throughout.

> sgrep xen_xsplice_id_t
./tools/include/xen/sysctl.h:806:    xen_xsplice_id_t id;                    /* 
IN, name of the patch. */
./tools/include/xen/sysctl.h:838:    xen_xsplice_id_t id;                  /* 
IN, name of the payload. */
./tools/include/xen/sysctl.h:899:    xen_xsplice_id_t id;                    /* 
IN, name of the patch. */

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