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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCHv6] 00/28] Kconfig conversion

Hi Doug,

On 24/11/15 17:51, Doug Goldstein wrote:
> The following series is a follow on to the Kconfig conversion patch series.
> There are still more components to convert however this is the bare minimal
> to get everything working and get the options out of the existing makefiles.
> The CONFIG_HAS_ variables are there to match the behavior of the Linux
> CONFIG_HAVE_ variables. The purpose is to say that this hardware/profile/env
> supports this option while the CONFIG_ variable states that this option was
> requested on/off by user intervention.
> The UARTs are now uniformly prefixed as CONFIG_UART_ and dropping most of the
> CONFIG_HAS_ labeling for them. This means they are now user selectable as
> requested by Julien Grall in the prior review. The question I've got is
> the old config was just for selecting defaults. Users could enable the OMAP
> UART for arm64 for example but I'm not sure if that's valid. Currently this
> patchset makes those UARTs not user selectable if they were not previously
> defaulted on. But I would like some feedback on this if possible.

While you know allow the user to enable a specific UART drivers, I still
have the same concern, i.e the default config used for ARM32 and ARM64
will have all the UARTs drivers disabled.

This means that when your series will be pushed, all the actual users of
ARM (included automated test suite such as osstest) will have to write
down a config in order to get Xen boot again on their board.

> Ultimately my goal is to allow for more parts of the hypervisor to be turned
> off at compile time and potentially make it easier to include more
> experimental features by others which can be turned off by default. Also to
> provide the one true location for all possible knobs in the source code.
> The patch series can be grabbed at:
> https://github.com/cardoe/xen/tree/kconfig_v6

I can't find the kconfig_v6 branch on your github.


Julien Grall

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