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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] scripts: Add a script to build and submit to coverity.

On 10/12/15 18:06, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: [PATCH] scripts: Add a script to build and submit to 
> coverity."):
>> If curl can do that then fine.  Given
>>>>>> +    declare -a curl_args
>>>>>> +    curl_args+=("--form" "token=$COV_TOKEN")
>>>>>> +    curl_args+=("--form" "email=$COV_EMAIL")
>> this could be achieved by having ts-do-coverity-thing set COV_TOKEN to
>> $HOME/.xen-osstest/coverity-secret or whatever.  ts-do-coverity-thing
>> would need to set a bunch of other COV_SOMETHING anyay.
> It occurs to me that it would be better if
>  - the Coverity token did not have to be sent to the build host,
>     but could remain on the controller
>  - the Coverity log file thing could be left in the build logs
> But I don't think this means that your script ought not to have an
> `upload' function.  It just means that maybe osstest will need what
> amounts to a copy of it.

The build() part of this script creates xen-coverity-$HEAD-SHA.tgz which
contains everything wanted by Coverity, other than the metadata used to
correctly submit it to their cloud.

OSSTest could definitely scoop that file (~140mb iirc) and submit it
from the controller instead of the build host.


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