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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] scripts: Add a script to build and submit to coverity.

On Thu, 2015-12-10 at 18:06 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Ian Jackson writes ("Re: [PATCH] scripts: Add a script to build and
> submit to coverity."):
> > If curl can do that then fine.ÂÂGiven
> > 
> > > > > > +ÂÂÂÂdeclare -a curl_args
> > > > > > +ÂÂÂÂcurl_args+=("--form" "token=$COV_TOKEN")
> > > > > > +ÂÂÂÂcurl_args+=("--form" "email=$COV_EMAIL")
> > 
> > this could be achieved by having ts-do-coverity-thing set COV_TOKEN to
> > $HOME/.xen-osstest/coverity-secret or whatever.ÂÂts-do-coverity-thing
> > would need to set a bunch of other COV_SOMETHING anyay.
> It occurs to me that it would be better if
> Â- the Coverity token did not have to be sent to the build host,
> ÂÂÂÂbut could remain on the controller
> Â- the Coverity log file thing could be left in the build logs
> But I don't think this means that your script ought not to have an
> `upload' function.ÂÂIt just means that maybe osstest will need what
> amounts to a copy of it.

Having implemented the bulk of a new ts-coverity-scan this morning I'm
basically concluding that all going via xen.git/scripts/coverity-build.sh
is doing is making things more opaque and more difficult to work with from
the test system, without really adding much value (the commands are not all
that complex after all).

Therefore I'mÂconsidering (actually, I've pretty much decided) that the ts
script should probably just do things itself.

And given a regular automated scan run that I'm not sure what value the in
tree helper script is, so I'd likely propose to drop this patch too, unless
other folks think it would be useful.


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