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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH RFC 26/31] xen/x86: Rework AMD masking MSR setup

On 22/01/16 14:12, Jan Beulich wrote:
>>>>> And then, how is this supposed to work? You only restore defaults,
>>>>> but never write non-default values. Namely, nextd is an unused
>>>>> function parameter ...
>>>>> Also I guess my comment about adding unused code needs
>>>>> repeating here.
>>>> Future patches build on this, both using the parameter, and not using
>>>> the defaults.
>>>> I am also certain that if I did two patches, the first putting in a void
>>>> function, and the second changing it to a pointer, your review would ask
>>>> me to turn it into this.
>>> Well, I realize things will all make sense by the end of the series, but
>>> honestly in some of the cases I'm not sure the split between patches
>>> was well done.
>> If you can suggest a better ordering then I am all ears.
> For example, move all the context switch logic into the patch
> actually invoking the new hook. That still leaves more than
> enough in the AMD and Intel rework patches.

But the context switch logic is used by this patch, which is why it is
introduced here.

It takes the BSP/AP from the boot state into the default levelled state,
by passing NULL as the pointer.  See the final hunk, which modifies


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