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[Xen-devel] Developers for virgl 3d windows guest support

I take a fast look to virgl 3d project even if I not tested it for now. It seems interesting for adding 2d and 3d hw acceleration support to virtual machines with a large hw (gpu) choice. I take a look also to intel gvt-g but it has a very limited cpu support choice. I saw that windows guest support with direct3d drivers in virgl is planned but I nothing was done for now.
I'm approaching a new project (based on xen) and I'm in planning phase now.
My goal would be to have virgl 3d windows guest support (drivers with opengl and direct3d) and support of remote rendering with spice (we are already using with qxl for now) Are there any developers expert about these things that can advice me if developing windows drivers (WDDM kernel driver + GL and D3D userspace pieces) and any other needed pieces of code in virglrender, mesa, and /or qemu is a good choice? If yes, what we would like to know is approx time/effort to have the above support upstream. Approximately how many persons and how many time would require to complete the tasks? (my project is going to be financed so we eventually have resource to schedule working time in the community)

Thanks for any reply and sorry for my bad english.

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