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[Xen-devel] hap_invlpg() vs INVLPGA


in commit dd6de3ab99 ("Implement Nested-on-Nested") you added
code to hap_invlpg() supposedly emulating INVLPGA. I've been
stumbling across this a number of times in the past, not being able
to make the connection between (a) VMX/EPT and INVLPGA and
(b) SVM's INVLPGA intercept and this function.

I'm asking in the context of a reported crash resulting from the
nv_p2m field being NULL during emulation of an INVLPG instruction
in a guest with nesting enabled but - afaict - not actually used. Of
course I could submit a patch adding a NULL check here, but I'd
like to understand what this code if for, and hence whether the
better fix wouldn't be to get rid of it.


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