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[Xen-devel] gfn_lock() seems useless.

Hi all:
In patch e1e40bccee7490a01ac7d1f759ec2bbafd3c7185, it says that"many routines 
can logically assert holding the p2m *FOR A SPECIFIC GFN.*" , 
But I find out that it did nothing for locking a single gfn, in fact  it still 
locked the entire p2m list. 

-#define p2m_lock_recursive(p) mm_lock_recursive(p2m, &(p)->lock)
+#define gfn_lock(p,g,o)       mm_lock_recursive(p2m, &(p)->lock)  //'g' is not 
used. The entire p2m list is locked.

Do we have any plan to lock a specific gfn? If so, how ? If not, shall we 
redefine the macro? 



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