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Re: [Xen-devel] HVMlite ABI specification DRAFT B + implementation outline

On 02/08/2016 02:03 PM, Roger Pau Monnà wrote:

  * PCI BARs: it's not possible for Xen to know the position of the BARs of
    the PCI devices without hardware domain interaction. In order to have
    the BARs of PCI devices properly mapped the hardware domain needs to
    call the PHYSDEVOP_pci_device_add hypercall, that will take care of setting
    up the BARs in the guest physical memory map using 1:1 MMIO mappings. This
    procedure will be transparent from guest point of view, and upon returning
    from the hypercall mappings must be already established.

We also want to use PHYSDEVOP_pci_device_add because that's how we pass device's PXM information to the hypervisor.

Xen HVMlite implementation plan

This is of course not part of the ABI, but I guess it makes sense to add it
here in order to be able to more easily split the tasks required in order to
make the proposed implementation above a reality. I've tried to split
the tasks into smaller sub-tasks when possible.


  1. Initial HVMlite implementation based on a HVM guest: no emulated devices
     will be provided, interface exactly the same as a PVH guest except for the
     boot ABI.

  2. Provide ACPI tables to HVMlite guests: the initial set of provided tables
     will be: RSDT, FADT, MADT (iff local APIC is enabled).

  3. Enable the local APIC by default for HVMlite guests.

  4. Provide options to xl/libxl in order to allow admins to select the
     presence of a local APIC and IO APIC to HVMlite guests.

  5. Implement an emulated PCI Root Complex inside of Xen.

  6. Provide a DSDT table to HVMlite guests in order to signal the presence
     of PCI-passthrough devices.

IMHO, we should focus on (2) and (3) at the moment, and (4) is quite trivial
once those two are in place. (5) and (6) should be implemented once HVMlite
hardware domains are functional.

When implementing (2) it would be good to place the ACPI related code in a
place that's accessible from libxl, hvmloader and Xen itself, in order
to reduce code duplication. hvmloader already has most if not all the required
code in order to build the tables that are needed for HVMlite DomU.

Since I started poking at ACPI code in hvmloader anyway I can take a stab at (2).


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