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Re: [Xen-devel] EXTRA_CFLAGS when compiling Xen

>>> On 17.02.16 at 11:19, <czuzu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Could anyone tell me if and how I could pass some GCC extra compilation 
> flags when building Xen (i.e. make dist-xen)?
> I tried:
> * when running make: passing EXTRA_CFLAGS
> * when running make: passing CFLAGS (this "works" but overrides the rest of 
> the CFLAGS)
> * when running ./configure: passing --extra-cflags.
> None works.
> Is there an established modality for this or must I manually modify the 
> makefiles?

Generally we'd rather avoid making it too easy to override the
compiler settings, in order to avoid then getting complaints
about things not building / working. Nevertheless I was of the
opinion that someone (was it Olaf) had added some way to do
such overrides. But ...

> The reason I need this is to pass '-save-temps' to GCC, I want to inspect 
> some code
> and it would be easier to do that on the preprocessed files.

... there's absolutely no need to for a case like this, at least as
long as the xen/ subtree is where you want to do this.
xen/Rules.mk has rules for what you want (and also for
producing the intermediate assembly file), just that you can't
achieve this by invoking make from the top level directory -
you need to run make directly in xen/ and manually specify
the intended target (including leading sub-directories).


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