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Re: [Xen-devel] Xentrace on Xilinx ARM


I gleamed enough information from Paul's posts that I now have xentrace
outputting data (I don't know if it's correct data or gibberish yet though). To
discover this I tried to find the xenalyze tool but have not been able to figure
out how to get it built. According to the old documentation at:

it was in a mercurial repo here:  

but that repo is no longer functional it seems. I searched through the mailing
lists and it looks like xenalyze was pulled into the mainline and now resides in
tools/xentrace. I can't determine how to get it to build though. I've tried
calling make in the directory but that fails. I'm using petalinux which has a
build xen tools make object, which I have also tried, and it generates an object
file for xenalyze.c, but no executable. Could you provide any guidance as to how
to actually get xenalyze built? I'm assuming it's still an offline tool? Or is 
it now
built into the Xen image?

Thank you,
Ben Sanda
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