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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 05/10] x86/MSI: track host and guest masking separately

>>> On 01.04.16 at 11:21, <liang.z.li@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Beyond that I guess I could use some help in at least diagnosing the issue, 
>> e.g.
>> by logging the actions done by Xen, so we can understand why
>> guest_mask_msi_irq() doesn't get called to unmask the MSI-X vector(s). I've
>> found the reason why this isn't happening on Linux, and I am testing a
>> possible fix. However, from the logs I've seen so far for Windows (with older
> Glad to hear that you are working on this. Thanks!

But you did understand that above I was asking for assistance
from your end (or a clear indication that I shouldn't hope for such)?


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