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[Xen-devel] Shortlist of people for Committer and Security Team member election

Dear Community members, 

you may remember the following e-mail called "Call for nominations for new 
Hypervisor subproject maintainers and committers" (also see 

We had quite a few nominations for maintainers, committers as well as 
security team members. We created a shortlist of maintainers based on 
community input, discussed the shortlist and asked the future maintainers 
on the shortlist to put forward changes to the MAINTAINERS file following
the normal process. This has mainly been done, but a few are still 

We will also tidy up REST maintainership, after committers have been

For committers and security team members, the existing committers and 
security team members put together a short list based on nominations,
verified with the nominees, whether they have the time going forward to
fulfil their respective roles and commitment. 

== Committer Shortlist ==
The following people are on the shortlist for committers
- Andrew Cooper: focus area on the hypervisor
- George Dunlap
- Stefano Stabellini: focus area on ARM
- Wei Liu: focus area tools (alongside Ian Jackson)

== Security Team Member Shortlist ==
The following people are on the shortlist for security team membership
- Andrew Cooper
- George Dunlap

== Providing Feedback ==
We are inviting community members to provide comments regarding the 
shortlist. As feedback may be personal and may make nominees 
uncomfortable, we are asking you to provide feedback by sending a 
private mail to appointments at xenproject dot org *before* April 13th, 
2016 (please do *not* CC xen-devel@). 

If you want to congratulate people on the shortlist, it is of course 
OK to do this in public. Please use your judgement and common sense. 

== Next Steps ==
Committers and security team members will review any feedback and will vote
to confirm people on the shortlists shortly after April 14th. As some of us
will be out-of-office the week before the Hackathon, I expect that we will
be able to confirm nominees at the latest during the Hackathon.

Best Regards 
Lars Kurth 
Xen Project Community Manager 
Chairman of Xen Project Advisory Board

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